Team Anomaly

We are a mixed-origin system consisting of all nonhumans. We do identify as otherkin because of being nonhuman, and many of us prefer to be called otherkin/fictionkin. We also consider ourselves to be trans-species and alterhuman. Many of our system are also otherhearted or copinglinkers.

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System List

NOTE: Members must give explicit consent to be listed, this is not accurate to our full system count, as our count is 100+. If you want to know about someone specific, ctrl + F is your friend, but if you can't find someone odds are they didn't want be listed.

Name: Rex

Pronoun: He/Him

Age: 20


Kiths: Avians

Links: Jack (JATCCH)

Other: Emergency ping, has been in the system and an active fronter for the longest out of any other system member.

Name: Icarus

Pronoun: He/Him

Age: 11ish

Species: Ant Cladotherian/Mant [DS]

Kiths: Spiders

Links: Stuffed Animal

Other: Takes various ant forms, also a non-headspace fictionflicker.

Name: Eleanor

Pronoun: She/Her

Age: 18

Species: Glaceon

Kiths: Fox

Other: Meme supreme

Name: Elvis (AKA Elf)

Pronoun: He/Him

Age: 18

Species: Leafeon

Kiths: Fox

Other: No relation to the famous person, actually respects women.

Name: Lyle

Pronoun: He/Him

Age: 18

Species: Human

Other: Is a fictive, does still identify as more nebulously nonhuman.

Name: Ophelia

Pronoun: She/Her

Age: Adult

Species: Tawny Owl

Links: Hera [W359]

Other: "Gate manager", friendly and excitable, loves to talk.

Name: Aegagrus

Pronoun: He/Him

Age: Adult

Species: Wild Goat

Other: He's the goat.

Name: Vosablix

Pronoun: Thy/Them or She/Her

Age: 18

Species: Lightning Beast

Other: Species has one google image result.

Name: Dervish

Pronoun: He/Hym

Age: Adult

Species: Umbreon

Other: Weird, maybe a part of Dinic and vice versa.

Name: Dinic

Pronoun: Sie/Sier

Age: Adult

Species: Espeon

Other: Weird, maybe a part of Dervish and vice versa.